Youth Fitness

performance trainingShrewsbury Athletic Club Youth Fitness offers the unique opportunity to both promote a healthy lifestyle early on, and properly educate kids about exercise and nutrition. Our Youth Fitness programs teach kids about proper fitness fundamentals, and gives them a great foundation of knowledge to build upon. Having your child learning and practicing proper exercise and eating habits early on will:

  • promote proper growth and development.
  • prevent injury.
  • improve overall health.
  • decrease the risk of diseases. (such as diabetes, cancer, and obesity)
  • improve school performance and behavior.
  • provide a mental boost, kicking out anxiety and depression.

Get your kids started young in order to make health and fitness a natural habit.

Email or call us at (508) 845-1000 for more information.

Daily Workouts – Strength, Speed & Agility

Our new daily workout programs are a fantastic way for young athletes to get in shape on their schedule. Come in anytime between 3:00pm and 6:00pm, Monday – Friday to complete each daily workout with the guidance and instruction from one of our certified personal trainers. Each day will consist of an approximately 50 minute workout beginning with stretching and ending with a cool down.

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Daily Access – Members: $10.00/day | Non-Members $20/day