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Profile Member of the Month: Michelle

Written by Evan Burnett on July 25, 2017 @ 7:55 pm

“I stayed at the club because people are so nice and they encourage each other every step of the way”

Michelle is a Shrewsbury resident who first joined the club in May 2013. She participated first in the complimentary group exercise classes the club offers all members, then she tried small group training classes to elevate her core fitness but the results she desired were still elusive. Her goals were aggressive but realistic with the right education, work ethic and dedication. In July 2013 she started training one-on-one with Liz to push her further and faster. Today her body fat percentage is where she wants it to be, she has the desired muscle definition in her arms and shoulders, her core strength continues to surprise her and overall she likes the way she looks in the mirror and feels great! The value in personal training for Michelle is defined by the results she has attained. She has found the perfect match in Liz who pushes her to the level she needs and not necessarily the level she wants. She will tell you Liz acts as her training, her encourager and even her friend. With the help of the club and Liz, Michelle is a walking example of our motto.

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