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New Year’s Fitness Challenge

Written by Evan Burnett on December 26, 2016 @ 6:09 pm

fitness centerCome join us for our New Year’s Fitness Challenge at SSC! Join as a group (minimum of 5), or as an individual. If you are looking to get back into shape after all that holiday eating, then this fitness challenge is for you!

What to expect:
5 Training days per week
1 Health Assessment (complete by 1/3/17)
1 Day with a Person Trainer
1 day in a Boot-Camp


1st: Free One Month Membership
2nd: 20% off Tennis, Baseball or Personal Training
**Winning groups based on collective success in weight loss and loss of body far percentage**

Dates: 1/19/17 – 4/1/17 (12 weeks)
Days: 5 days per week
Time: Morning, Afternoon and Night
Price: Members $199, Non-Members $249

For more information, or to register, please call us at (508) 845-1000 and ask for Liz or Anthony! Or email us at

One comment on “New Year’s Fitness Challenge”

  • Sandra Harris says:

    I am a fan of Ellen Chevalier and she mentioned she will be moving to SAC. Are her classes part of this challenge? When are the class times for this? Can I still do the health assessment after 1/3?

    Thanks, Sandra

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